DIY Car Repair For Beginners: 3 Tips To Keep You From Looking Like A Tool At The Scrap Yard

30 September 2016
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Learning how to do your own car repairs and maintenance is essential when you are living on a budget, and it makes you look awesome when you can fix your friend's broken door handle with the twist of a few screws. As you begin to tackle more do-it-yourself projects, you will quickly discover that visiting your local scrap yard is the perfect way to save even more money, and in some instances, it is the only way to score hard-to-find parts. Read More 

Two Tips To Help You Get A Good Deal When Buying Salvaged Car Parts

21 July 2016
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Buying salvaged car parts can be a great way for you to save money.  Salvaged parts are typically found at local junk yards, where you can peruse the inventory to find a vehicle that is a similar make and model as your own to obtain the part.  However, although salvaged car parts are usually priced more reasonably than their brand new counterparts, there are still things you can do to get an even better rate. Read More 

The Signs Of A Failing Auto Transmission

16 May 2016
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When a transmission has a problem, you'll notice a change in the way the the car behaves. The problem could be minor, so if you take the car in right away, the transmission repair specialists can fix the problem before it becomes major. If you ignore the signs, you may find your self with a sudden and complete transmission failure, and an expensive repair bill. Here are the ways that your transmission tells you that there is a problem brewing. Read More 

Understand The Importance Of Checking Your Transmission Fluid

11 May 2016
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A number of vehicle owners operate with the out of sight, out of mind mantra. Don't make this mistake. Steering clear of this mistake is especially important when it comes to your transmission fluid. Transmission fluid is basically the heart of your transmission. It doesn't just ensure your transmission is operating correctly, but the condition of the fluid can also alert you of an underlying issue. Make sure you understand the importance of inspecting your transmission fluid. Read More 

3 Must-Have Tools For Dedicated Home Auto Mechanics

4 May 2016
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There is something undeniably satisfying about getting your hands dirty with a little home automobile repair. Yet unless you are prepared with the right tools, you may find this endeavor more of a headache than you'd anticipated. If you are looking to beef up your car repair tool arsenal, read on. This article will introduce three tools that will make your next repair a whole lot easier.  Battery Powered Impact Wrench Read More