The Signs Of A Failing Auto Transmission

16 May 2016
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When a transmission has a problem, you'll notice a change in the way the the car behaves. The problem could be minor, so if you take the car in right away, the transmission repair specialists can fix the problem before it becomes major. If you ignore the signs, you may find your self with a sudden and complete transmission failure, and an expensive repair bill. Here are the ways that your transmission tells you that there is a problem brewing.

1. The car hesitates when shifting gears.

The transmission should shift smoothly from gear to gear. If you hear the engine speed up and it takes a few seconds for the car to go into gear, there is a problem.

2. You hear a clunking sound when the car shifts.

If the car makes a metallic clunking sound when it shifts, the transmission is having difficulty aligning the gears before it shifts. As this becomes worse, you risk a gear being broken in the transmission. This means an expensive transmission rebuild or replacement.

3. The car slips in and out of gear.

When driving on a level surface, the transmission should remain in one gear. If you feel the car slip in and out of gears, there could be a problem with the part that locks the gear in place or with the computer module that controls the shifting of the car.

4. Your car is noisy in neutral.

When in neutral, you should hear nothing from the transmission. If you hear clicking or rubbing sounds from the transmission when stopped, there could be a bent or worn part causing the problem. This will likely get worse until the transmission fails.

5. You spot a transmission fluid leak under the car.

A patch of reddish brown fluid under your car means you have a transmission fluid leak. It could be from a worn rubber seal or a cracked transmission casing. If the leak causes the transmission fluid level in the casing to drop below a safe level, the parts in transmission are no longer lubricated and it will start to overheat when you drive. This will eventually cause metal parts to warp and fail.

6. You notice an acrid burning smell from the transmission while driving.

This is a sign of low transmission fluid even if you don't notice a leak. When the transmission overheats, the remaining fluid starts to burn, creating the foul smell. This sure sign of a future transmission failure can be avoided by taking the car in to have the burnt fluid drained and new fluid put in.

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