3 Must-Have Tools For Dedicated Home Auto Mechanics

4 May 2016
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There is something undeniably satisfying about getting your hands dirty with a little home automobile repair. Yet unless you are prepared with the right tools, you may find this endeavor more of a headache than you'd anticipated. If you are looking to beef up your car repair tool arsenal, read on. This article will introduce three tools that will make your next repair a whole lot easier. 

Battery Powered Impact Wrench

Impact wrenches are one of the most indispensible mechanic's tools, used to free even the most stubborn of bolts. Once upon a time, the only impact wrenches available were those powered by an air compressor. While reliable, air powered impact wrenches have one significant drawback: the cord that must be used to connect it to the compressor. These cords limit reach, are difficult to maneuver, and often find a way of getting underfoot at the worst possible time.

Luckily, advances in technology have finally begun to yield batteries strong enough to be used as power sources for cordless impact wrenches. Essentially all of the battery power in today's cordless tool market is supplied by batteries using lithium ion chemistry. Such batteries are free from the problems--durability, lifespan, available power--that characterized earlier generations of battery. That means there's no reason to continue struggling with awkward air-powered impact wrenches.

Flex Head Ratchet

Where hand tools are concerned, the ratchet will always reign supreme. Yet not all ratchets are equally well suited to all tasks. If you are only going to own one single ratchet, be sure to make it one with a flex head. This unique innovation allows the ratchet to be used at a variety of different angles, thus greatly increasing your ability to reach fasteners in tight, awkward spaces.

When shopping for a flex head ratchet, try to find one whose features include a locking mechanism. This reduces the risk of the flex angle accidentally shifting while you're applying pressure--an aggravating scenario that often leads to bruised or busted knuckles.  

Battery Carrier

Removing old car batteries is one of the most common tasks you're likely to undertake. Unfortunately, the narrow clearance around most batteries often makes this way more difficult than it should be. Investing in an inexpensive battery carrier will pay off over and over as time goes on.

This simple tool consists of a pair of thin padded jaws. These are slipped around the battery and then tightened into place. A handle at the top of the carrier makes it easy to lift the battery out of place--and also to carry it wherever it's going next.

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