Fix Those Broken Mufflers

27 September 2021
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The mufflers on cars are used to reduce the amount of engine noise. Over time, the muffler on your car can be damaged and may need to be completely replaced. However, an auto technician can carry out some repairs that can save you some money. The following muffler repair information will help you keep your car on the road with less noise and fewer problems:

Noises and Rattling

Once the muffler is broken, certain noises ensue. Besides the noticeable hissing sound running through your vehicle, you may also hear rattling. There are obvious signs something is wrong with the exhaust system. When you hear noises and rattling, have a muffler repair service check the problem out and fix it before it gets worse.

Signs of Muffler Problems

You're driving along, and you hear a strange sound. What could it be? Maybe your tires? Is it coming from the engine? The sound is growing louder and louder, and now you're also starting to feel the vibrations. You should pull over and try to locate where the sound is coming from immediately. Those noises are signs of a problem with your muffler, but issues with your exhaust system can cause other problems too. Overheating and burning smells can also be signs that there is a muffler problem that needs to be fixed.

Preventing Rusty Mufflers

Another problem that can lead to damage to your muffler is rust. This can cause corrosion, which will eventually lead to holes in your muffler, and it will have to be replaced. To prevent this, keep the muffler clean of debris like mud and dirt. If there is rust, use sandpaper to remove it from your muffler. You can coat the exposed metal with a heat-resistant lubricant to help combat rust and prevent the corrosion of the muffler and other components of your exhaust system.

Issues with Joints and Muffler Brackets

Sometimes, the area where the muffler is connected to the frame or attached to exhaust pipes can be the cause of your problem. If your muffler has joints that are clamped together instead of welded, a muffler repair shop can weld them to prevent these issues. They can also replace loose brackets where the muffler is mounted or add more to better secure your exhaust system's muffler and other components.

Muffler systems are expensive to replace but fairly easy to repair. Contact a muffler repair service to fix these issues before you need to replace your muffler.