Things To Consider When Shopping For New Batteries For Your Boat

5 April 2021
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When you need to replace the marine batteries in your boat, you must make sure that what you are buying is suitable for the job you need it to do. Boat batteries come in several different types, and they are not interchangeable. Fortunately, many auto parts and marine supply stores carry marine batteries and can help you select the right one for your needs. 

Marine Starting Batteries

Boats with large engines often have at least one battery dedicated to starting that engine, similar to the one in your car or truck. Marine batteries are usually sealed and have more vibration resistance build into the batteries, so the starting batteries may have similar characteristics to a car battery but are not interchangeable. 

When you need a new starting battery for your boat, you should look for one rated for the engine size you are using, and that will fit in the battery compartment. The most common rating people look for is the cranking amps of the battery. This rating will help determine if the battery has enough power to crank over the boat engine fast enough to start it. 

Automotive batteries will also carry a cold-cranking amps rating for cold-weather starting, but this is not common on boat batteries because they are typically not run in winter. If you do operate your boat in cold weather, there are boat batteries available from a marine battery supply that can provide the amperage to start the engine in the cold. The associates working there can help you find the correct battery for this application.

Deep Cycle Marine Batteries

The other typical battery used onboard boats is a deep cycle marine battery dedicated to supplying power to lights and other accessories in the boat. These batteries are also used with trolling motors because they last a long time and are designed to be charged and discharged many times without damage to the battery cells. 

The deep cycle marine batteries used to power lighting, radios, and other equipment on larger vessels are often charged from solar chargers on the deck but can last a long time without a charge when used sparingly. Often, several of these batteries will be connected in series to allow a larger storage capacity and more prolonged use time, but you need to have suitable batteries to make that work. 

A visit to the marine battery supply is an excellent place to get the batteries, parts, and information to set up the system so that it works properly on your boat. Many battery suppliers will have kits to set up the batteries in series. They may recommend two different boat batteries with the connections reversed to make them easier to connect together. For more information, contact a marine boat battery supplier.